Home mortgage experts

Niche Loan Programs

High LTV Options

For borrowers that can afford the payments on a high purchase priced home, but lack a large down payment, we have some great low down payment options.

Example: Home purchase price of $1,000,000. Borrower has good credit and high income. We may be able to do as little as 5% down with no private mortgage insurance.

Challenged Credit Options

Minimum 500 Credit Score on FHA & VA Loans!
(Borrower with No Credit Scores considered too).

Mortgage options for people that may have been riddle with late payments or collections.

Mortgage options for people who may have experienced a bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure. There are standard waiting periods for people in this boat to be able to obtain a mortgage. We have options that are much more lenient for these scenarios.

No Income Loans

We have multiple “no income” mortgage options.

For investment properties, we have a mortgage option to qualify for a purchase just off the appraised monthly market rent of the property instead of income documentation from the borrower.

For self-employed people that have difficulty providing standard income documentation, we have a stated income mortgage program that allows you to truly not provide any income documentation. This loan will require more stringent credit scores, higher down payment and higher reserves.

Asset Qualification Loans

Allowed with No Restrictions

These mortgage options are for individuals with high net worths or have substantial assets in their possession.

Example: Prospective home purchaser wants to buy a $2,000,000 home. This buyer is currently not employed and can’t show any income. The buyer has $6,000,000 in a brokerage account. They are willing to put down 30% on the purchase of this home. We can qualify them for the home based off a certain formula we run that takes their assets into account.

International Relo Program

No US Tax Returns or Credit Score Required

Up to 80% financing with Rates starting in the high 4’s!

Foreign National Loans are also available with 25% down

New Construction

180 Lock with No upfront lock-in fee with a Free Float Down!