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    Fax: 770-763-7456
    Email: info@residentialfundingconsultants.com


  • High LTV Options

    95% Financing to a $2.5MM Loan Amount
    with No PMI

    (Borrower does NOT have to be a doctor!)

    90% Interest Only up to a $750K Loan Amount

    Bridge Loans and 2nd Mortgages to 95% CLTV 


  • Challenged Credit Options

    Minimum 500 Credit Score on FHA & VA Loans!
    (Borrower with No Credit Scores considered too).

    90% Jumbo Financing with 660 minimum Credit Score & No MTG insurance.

    Jumbo Financing - 500 Minimum Credit Score


  • DTI Too High?

    • Close on new home prior to selling current home & exclude current mortgage payment from DTI as long as all contingency dates in departing residence contract have passed
    • Increase Purchasing Power by 50% or more by offsetting new investment property mortgage without having a signed lease agreement.  That's correct . . . we don't have to include the new mortgage in the new DTI!!  Additionally, no rental history is required!
    • We allow revolving debit (credit cards) to be paid off at closing to qualify!  Additionally, the borrower(s) no longer have to close the accounts being paid down or paid off.
    • Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers allowed to help occupying borrower qualify on FHA and Conventional loans!
    • We can close up to 60 days before a borrower starts his/her new job!
  • "Property Flipping"

    Allowed with No Restrictions

    • Property may be sold immediately after acquisition - No more 90 to 180 day waiting period!
    • Unlimited increase to value allowed as long as the appraised value supports the new Sales Price.
    • Conventional loans - 3% down payment (can be gift funds) with a minimum credit score of 620 - only requires 1 appraisal.
    • FHA loans - 3.5% down payment (can be gift funds).  Requires 2 appraisals, one of which must be paid for by the investor/seller.
    • FHA flips require a 620 minimum credit score.


  • International Relo Program

    No US Tax Returns or Credit Score Required

    Up to 80% financing with Rates starting in the high 4's!

    Foreign National Loans also available with 25% down


  • New Construction

    180 Lock with No upfront lock in fee with a Free Float Down!




  • When All Else Fails . . .

    • Stated Income Loans / Bank Statement Loans / Asset Based Loans / Investor Cash Flow Loans
    • Appraisal Transfers Allowed on FHA, VA, Conventional & Jumbo Loans!
    • FHA & Conventional loans with repair escrow up to $5,000!
    • Gift Funds Allowed on All loan types.